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Saving Energy
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Rebate Qualifications:

Rebates shall be offered to members of West Central Electric Cooperative who reside in a permanent residential structure constructed on a solid foundation on property owned by the member and served by the Cooperative. No rebates will be given for equipment which does not meet the criteria for this program, as established by West Central Electric Cooperative and Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. Rebates are subject to change at any time. Rebates for the following equipment will qualify under the following terms and conditions: (click "read more" for links to rebate forms)


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Save Money, live better, help the earth!  Learn How.

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Go room to room and find all the money you could be saving.  Take the home tour.

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Ground Source Heat Pump Program

What is a ground source heat pump?
A ground source heat pump is an electrically-powered system that taps the natural heat stored in the earth to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. The ground source heat pump removes the heat stored in the earth and transfers it to the home or building in the winter. During the summer, the same system removes heat from the home and transfers it to the earth.

How does it work?