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Bringing up baby Print E-mail
Thursday, 08 March 2012 15:00

There’s an explosion going on at West Central Electric Cooperative in Missouri – an explosion of babies, that is. Since December 2004, the cooperative’s employees have marked the arrival of 17 babies, 27 grandbabies, and they are excited about three more on the way.

“Someone is always bringing in a baby picture,” said GM Mike Gray. “And everything pretty much stops when a baby comes through the door, which lately has been fairly often around here!”

Just in the last several weeks, the co-op family has welcomed two babies and three grandbabies.

“Our employees are very family-oriented, and our kids are probably the biggest topic of conversation,” Communications Specialist Heather Hoflander said. “We share their accomplishments, the funny things they say, and our catchphrase around the office seems to be, ‘How’s that baby?’”

The kicker – there are only 40 employees at the co-op, several of whom are young and haven’t started their families yet.